Cycladic Imprints 1991-93

Multimedia installation: 17 motorized violins, 360 slides, 2 dissolve units, 4 synchronized projectors project continuous images of Cycladic sculptures, stringed instruments and human torsos over the painted wall. 20 x 36". sound: loop duration approx. 15 minutes. Quadraphonic sound collage by Malcolm Goldstein.

"This multi-image slide projections dissolve in relays of art historical representations of the female body from painting, sculpture, and photography onto a wall of assemblage of mechanized violins and painted hourglass-shaped silhouettes. Schneemann creates an enveloping space in which she challenges the master narrative of the female nude as muse. The amalgam of body, instruments, and machine defines the gallery as an arena of shared consciousness in the tradition of Schneemann's "kinetic theatre". She triumphs in her mission to create an erotic morphology. (Robert Riley, San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art)

Installed at the Randolph Stree Gallery, Chicago (1992), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (1991), Emily Harvey Gallery (1990), The Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati.