Fresh Blood: A Dream Morphology

Dual slide projection system with dissolve unit, pre-recorded and spoken text. Sound collage. Live relay video feeds into four monitors. Red umbrella, red pajamas, watering can, door, raised table, etc. 1981-87.

Based on a menstrual dream which asks the question "what do a red umbrella and a bouquet of dried flowers stuffed with little dolls have in common?" The resulting iconography of related images combine "V" symbols from the human body, other organic forms, sacred artifacts, common objects to form the projection sequence.

CS is joined by her double-- a black woman as nurse, judge, western union-- they present unconscious and active links in a shared history which is personal, racial, political and sexual.
"Fresh Blood- A Dream Morphology" posited female physical exposeure the feminine as normative. In examining our most taboo viscerality I was built an ethos in which male phobias were eliding. I would invert the projects of the unsanitary leakage, abject, I could posit all the wet bloody cyclic not only in it's physicality, but in a conceptual frame of positive range so that the phobic masuline would have to shrivel and cower... the functions of my body would not be symptomatic or all that is not male."