Plague Column

Multimedia Installation. 4 video monitors (continuous play with sound) "branches", "breasts", lighting components, wall panel.

Known/Unknown combines photographic, video and sculptural elements in an installation that continues Schneemann's investigation into transgressive and denied aspects of the unconscious, nature, gender and the body.

The installation examines relationships between health and illness, between cellular and microscopic representations of visual information where different instruments present biological data in relation to clinical medicine; the guise of objectivity colludes with personal experience. Scheemann repositions the images' visual intimacy, enabling us to invade aspects of the body which are cellular, erotic and clinical. (The term "plague column" derives from a discovery made during a trip to Australia, where Schneemann was drawn to photograph a sculpture, later identified as a "plague column" (1750), built by monks as cult objects to protect their villages against bubonic plague.)