Porin Taidemuseo. Pori, Finland.
"Your Dog My Cat or Delirious Arousal of Destruction". June.
In conjuction with "Animal.Anima.Animus" exhibition.


Performance Festival Odense 1997, Odense, Denmark.
Performance: "Enter.... Vulva". 10 October.

The New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC. Artists' Performances.
Benefit Gala and Art Auction. with Jocelyn Taylor, Penny Archade and others. 3 May.

Arts Now Conference. State University of New York at New Paltz.
Lecture/ Performance: "Enter.... Vulva". 7 November.

Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.
Performative Lecture "Your Dog My Cat or Delirious Arousal of Destruction". 13 May.


* Western Front. Vancouver. Performance. 29 January.

* "Made/ Enacted". University of British Columbia. February.

* "An Evening with Carolee Schneemann".
Fine Arts Center, University of Rhode Island, Wakefield, R.I. Lecture. March.

*Lecture. Institut fur Gegenwartskunst/ Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. April.


"Enter.... Vulva". Solo performance for Boudoir-In-Exile series.
Institute for Contemporary Art / P.S. 1 Museum, NYC. 29 April.


"The Delirious Arousal of Destruction or Your Dog/My Cat or A Deconstructed
Compression of the Mutable Erotic/Obscene". Penine Hart Gallery, New York City.
Performance. 18 March.

"Art Performance - Rooted in Ceremony and Ritual". Workshop.
Humbolt State University, Arcata, California. 19 July-1 August.

"Out to Lunch with Carolee Schneemann". (Electronic Arts Performance Series).
iEAR Studios, Troy, New York. 30 March.


Keynote Speaker - Performance in projection slide system. "Women in Photography" Symposium.
Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, Arizona.

"Made/ Enacted". University of California, Santa Barbara.

'''The Delirious Arousal of Destruction' or ÔIs There A Feminist Erotic Iconography?'".
Musee des beaux-arts de l'Ontario. 14 February.

"A Feminist Erotic Iconography". Performance/ Lecture.
Santa Barbara Museum of Contemporary Art.


"Skewed Beams". Aspects of Performance: A Festival of Performance Art.
Canadian Centre of The Arts at Owen Sound. 28 June.

"The Delirious Arousal of Destruction" or "Is There A Feminist Erotic Iconography?".
Aspects of Performance: A Festival of Performance Art.
Canadian Centre of The Arts at Owen Sound. 29 June.


"Cycladic Imprints". Installation of motorized violins and projection; performance
with Malcolm Goldstein, violin. New Music America, Miami, FL.

"Cat Scan". Performing Language program. SUNY Binghampton, NY.


"Cat Scan".Beyond Baroque. Venice, CA.

"Dirty Pictures". Senary, Scenario. Hillwood Art Gallery,
C.W. Post College, Long Island.


"Fresh Blood - A Dream Morphology". International Performance Arts Festival.
Winnepeg, Canada.
Hamilton College, Clinton, NY.

"Dirty Pictures". College Art Association, NYC.


"Fresh Blood - A Dream Morphology". What's Cookin' Festival VI.
Center for Music Experiment, University of CA at San Diego.

"What's Wrong With This Picture?". Sierra Nevada College, Nevada.

"Painting, Painting, Painting". P.S. 122 , NYC.

"Dream Death".Collaborations. Alternative Museum, NYC.

Heresies Collective:Acting Up. St. Mark's Church, NYC.

"Dirty Pictures". Benefit for High Performance Magazine, Los Angeles, CA.

Polyphonique. San Francisco Art Institute, CA.


"What's Wrong With This Picture?" August Moon Conference. Catskill, New York.
University Gallery, Kent State University, Ohio.


"Fresh Blood - A Dream Morphology". Second Intermedia Performance Festival.
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA.

Performing the Person: Displacements of Life Narrative. SUNY Buffalo, NY.

"Burnout". The Storefront, NYC.

"Mother Lexicon". 12th International Sound Poetry Festival. Washington Square Church, NYC.

"Up To And Including Her Limits". Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy.


"Fresh Blood - A Dream Morphology".
REAL ART WAYS, Harford, Connecticut.
Feminist Art Institute. Baltimore Institute of the Arts.
University of Oklahoma, OK.
Washington Project for the Arts. Washington D.C.
Gestures and Language Series. East Main Street Gallery, Richmond, Virginia.
Sheldon Film Theatre, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Antwerpen, Belgium. Internationaal Cultureel Centrum.
Middelburg, Holland. Gemeentelijke Culturele Dienst.
Symposium Internationl D'Art Performance. Lyon, France.
Sex and Language. International Congress of Psychoanalysis, NYC.
*Washington Project for the Arts, DC.


"Dirty Pictures".
A.I.R. Gallery, NYC.
Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois.
Artemesia Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.
Collective for Living Cinema, NYC.


Franklin Furnace, NYC.
Hallwalls, Buffalo, New York.
The Music Gallery/ A Space, Toronto.

"ABC - We Print Anything - In The Cards". Gallery De Appel, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

"Text/ Image/ Text" (with Jill Kroesen). One University Place, NYC.

"Moon In A Tree" (on Joseph Cornell). Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


"ABC - We Print Anything - In The Cards". Pittsburgh Filmmakers Theatre, Pennsylvania.

"Homerunmuse". Lions Walk, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

"Moon In A Tree" (on Joseph Cornell). Pittsburgh Filmmakers Theatre, Pennsylvania.

"On The Town". Work Space, Albany, New York.

"Indexes".EAR Inn, NYC.


"Interior Scroll".Telluride Film Festival, Colorado.

"Homerunmuse". Brooklyn Museum of Art.

"ABC - We Print Anything - In The Cards". Discussion as an Art Form.
New York University, NYC.
*De Appel Gallery, Amersterdam.
Festival of Performance Art. Arnhem, Holland.

"Americana I Ching Apple Pie". Heresies Benefit, NYC. EAR Benefit. Washington Square Park.


"Up To And Including Her Limits".
The Kitchen, NYC.
Performance. Studiogalerie, Berlin.
Performance. Basel Art Fair, Switzerland.

"ABC - We Print Anything - In The Cards". Franklin Furnace, NYC.

"Moon In A Tree" (on Joseph Cornell). Anthology Film Archives, NYC.


"Interior Scroll".Women Here And Now. East Hampton, Long Island.


"Up To And Including Her Limits".
*University Art Museum, Berkeley, California.
Anthology Film Archive, NYC.
Artists' Space, NYC.
London Filmmakers Cooperative.
Arts Meeting Place. London.


"Up To And Including Her Limits". Avant Garde Festival. Grand Central Station, NYC.

"Cooking With Apes". Fylkingen Festival. Stockholm. Performances 1972

"Ices Strip".Ices Festival . Train, London-Edinburgh.

"Road Animation for Reykavik".Reykjavik Art Festival. Reykavik, Iceland.


"Rainbow Blaze". Avant Garde Festival. The Armory, NYC.


Performance Drawings and Photo/ Collage.Camden Art Center, London, England.

Performance Drawings and Photo/ Collage. Chelsea School of Art, London, England.


"Banana Hands". The Castle, Winchester, England. New Milton Drama Center.
(Original Score - 1962; Revised Score - 1969)

"Thames Crawling". Expanded Cinema International Underground Film Festival, London.

"Schlaget Auf". Fluxus Fluxorum Festival Forum Theatre, Berlin.

"Electronic Activations Room". Happening and Fluxus Retrospective.
Kolnischer Kunstverein, Koln.
Chicago Festival of Life in London, Rock Guerilla Theater Acid Freak Inc.


"Illinois Central Transposed". The Ark Media Palace, Boston. (Inter-Media Inc.)

"Nude Bride" by Claes Oldenburg Fashion Poetry Center for Inter-American Relations, NYC.

"Expansions". New Poets Theatre, NYC.

"Illinois Central Transposed". The Ark, Boston.


"Illinois Central". Kinetic Theater. Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

"Illinois Central Transposed".
New York State Council on Environmental Arts State Tour: Rochester, Buffalo, Stony Brook, Nassau, Brooklyn Academy of Music. Intermedia '68 Festival.

"Naked Action Lecture". Institute of Contemporary Art, London.

"Flying Blue Glue Float". Festival of the Avant Garde. (with Tom Molholm).

"Waterville Floods". Colby College, Waterville, Maine.Sensory Bombardment Workshop..

"Tear Poem". Longview Country Club, NYC. for Tiney Events by Michael Benedikt.


"Snows". Kinetic Theater with film "Viet-Flakes". Anti - Vietnam War/ Angry Arts Week.
Martinique Theater, NYC.

"Body Collage". Artist's Studio, NYC.

"Round House". Kinetic Theater for the Dialectics of Liberation International Conference, London.

"Night Crawlers" ("Rampants de la Nuit"). Pavillon de la Juenesse, Montreal, Canada.
EXPO '67, (CBCTV).

"Ordeals". Judson Church, NYC. A Torture Environment for Architects.

"Divisions And Rubble". Judson Gallery, NYC.
Snug Harbor. Environment for the Avant-Garde Festival. Staten Island Ferry, NY. Foam Environment.

"Torture Environment". Judson Church, NYC.


"Ghost Rev". Collaboration with USCO. New Cinema Festival I.

"Noise Bodies", "Music Box Music", "2nd Thermocouple" (Tenney), "Looseleaf" (1962).
Lecture event. Bridge Theater Festival.

"Water Light/ Water Needle". Aerial Kinetic Theater performned at St. Mark's Church in The Bowery, NYC; outdoor version performed at the Havemeyer Estate, Mahwah, NJ.
Evironment consultant for BECLCH by Rochelle Owens. June 8,9 1966 Bridge Theater Festival, NY

"Beyond Cinema". Festival at Filmmakers Cinemateque. November. Live interfernce Patterns for USCO.

"Loose Leaf". Bridge Theatre Festival, NYC.


"Ghost Rev". New Cinema Festival I, Cinematheque. Astor Place Theatre, NYC

"Noise Bodies". Sound assemblage - light duet (with James Tenney). Festival of the Avant Garde. Judson Concert Hall, NYC. (and directed Kaprow's Push Pull) New Dance/ Theater. Bridge Theater.

"Music Box Music". Bridge Theater, NY.

"The Queen's Dog". Kinetic Theater. Judson Dance Theater, NYC.

"T.V." (A Happening commissioned by NBC Television's Tonight Show.)

"Waves", "Washes", "Birth Of The Flag" by Oldenburg (film by Vanderbeek); Choreography, performance.

"Confederate Memorial Day" by Ken Dewey. Choreography, performance.

"Beast Event" for Stockhausen's "Originale". Director Kaprow's "Push & Pull". Festival of the Avant Garde.


"Meat Joy" Festival of Free Expression, Paris. 29 May. Dennison Hall, London. 8 June.
Judson Church, NYC. 16-18 November.

"Music Box Music" (A Concert Happenings) From Pitt Street, NYC. 4 April.
Tone Roads Concert, The New School, NYC. 24 April.

"Looseleaf". Judson Dance Theater Workshop. Judson Church, NYC. 21 January.

"Sale". Environment of work in progress.

"Site", (by Robert Morris - duet). Judson Dance Theater. Stage 73. Pocket Theater.


"Eye Body". Body Environment for Camera. *Artist's Studio, NYC. December 1963.

"Chromelodeon". Kinetic Theater with dancers, actors. Judson Dance Theater, NYC.

"Lateral Splay". Judson Dance Theater, NYC.

"Newspaper Event". Judson Dance Theater, NYC. 29 January.

"Chromelodeon". Judson Dance Theater, NYC. 24 June.

"Lateral Splay". Judson Dance Theater, NYC. 19, 20 November.


"Banana Hands". Original Score 1962

"Glass Environment for Sound and Motion". Living Theater, NYC. 1,2 May.

"Mink Paws Turret" (an exhibit of work in process), NYC.

"Newspaper Event".(with dancers, actors). Judson Dance Theater, NYC.


"Labyrinths". Landscape events.. Sidney and Chicago, Illinois. June.


Environments, performances for films by Stan Brakhage:
"Loving" (with James Tenney), "Cat's Cradle", "White Eye"