Unexpectedly Research 1962-92

Images made and performed 1962-82. Laser prints on board with text. 4 panels: 32" x 40" each.

Unexpectedly Research clarifies the influence of non-western and Indo-European artifacts on my work. The shameless erotic power and self-display of a New Guinea owl goddess offers a parallel to my actions in Body Collage (1968). The juxtaposition of two lions mating with the self-shot orgasmic heads from my film Fuses (1965) demonstrates a relation to animal sexuality. The Minoan priestess holding serpents in her hand, a sculpture from 2,000 B.C., offers a precedent to my unconscious placement of garden snakes on my body as a part of the "36 Transformative Actions" of Eye Body (1963). In each instance, the affinity image was discovered many years after my actual enacted image. This recombine of image sources in Unexpectedly Research brings forward psychic aspects of personal exploration of art history.