Video Rocks

Multimedia installation: 200 hand cast rocks (cement, glass, ashes, wood), 5 video monitors, 10 plexiglass rods with 10 halogen lights, 2 channel video, feet walking on rocks; painting: acrylic on paperpainting: 9' x 6'.
Installation area: 30' x 16'. 1987-88.

The disparate materials which compose Video Rocks first appeared in a dream concerning diminishing perspective. I was unsure whether the dream was a unique instruction to concretize the image dimensionally or whether I was dreaming a version of another artist's work. Several weeks of research were required before I felt reassured that the drawings I had begun from the dream did not already exist. Grief and personal loss also became motives. I made a commitment to hand-cast 4 or 5 "rocks" a day. Pouring, stirring, shaping became a ritual concentration.

The conceptual question proposed by the dream concerned tactility and virtuality. A flow of "rocks" resembling Monet's Water Lilies, cow manure or huge cookies led the eye into a row of video monitors on which sequences of various feet were seen rhythmically crossing the virtual rocks placed in a landscape. While the monitors displayed a physical action made virtual as video, walking on the actual rocks is forbidden due to their evident fragility and arrangement as a sculptural accumulation.

By repeatedly pressing my feet and my body into the rock mixture, a canvas wall was composed of the same gritty materials as the rocks.

The luminous light rods are a translation of narrow beams of yellow spotlights randomly marking the rocks in the dream.